Loving My Swimwear Pouch

Loving My Swimwear Pouch

One of the best things I have ever worn is my swimwear pouch. I enjoy it so much that I don’t just take it off when I get home from the beach. I wear my pouch everywhere I can get away with it and, if wearing just the pouch is going to cause any hassles, I will wear it under my clothes. I find that a pouch is much more comfortable than any of the underwear that I currently own, so I tend to wear them quite frequently. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being completely naked but still having your cock snuggly inside a pouch.


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Now, I know that wearing a swimwear pouch is probably not the best idea to do sometimes, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it. I simply can’t get enough of the comfort that swimwear like this can bring and I am pretty close to throwing all my underwear out and replacing them with more pouches. I can always find designs online that I simply can’t live without and I won’t have to spend all that much money on them. The more I think about it the more I want to give it a shot to see what it would be like.

Wearing swimwear pouch designs is more like a religion to me when I think about it. I find it comforting to have a routine in my life and this is definitely part of my daily routine, although there are times when I still have to wear regular underwear because of business issues. If I could find a job that didn’t require me to fly all the time and risk being searched, then I would probably be the one guy in the world that would wear nothing put a pouch no matter where he was.

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